Vintage California

To achieve the highest quality mobile application, RubikApp provides the platform on which all of the safeguard’s mobile programs are developed.

New York Tourner

We selected RubikApp because it allowed us to quickly build native messenger for multiple devices and platforms in a language that all our developers are familiar with.

Retro Beats

We evaluated several mobile development platforms and quickly identified RubikApp as the best solution for our needs.

Retro Press

Ensuring a strong user experience was key for us, and using RubikApp we were able to build this compelling app.

Jameson Brand

RubikApp would let us build a core platform that was common across the apps that we wanted to create. That was important.

John Oaks Inc.

Mobile app RubikApp multi-platform tool lets us offer its clients lessened cost, faster speed to market, and unmatched depth and functionality