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See what You Can Do with RubikApp

Stay Connected


You can manage your account online anywhere and connect with friends. The only thing needed is your mobile device.

Customize the Look


From now on you can change the look of your account easily. Change colors, add new information and enjoy.

Track Your Orders


Find out all tracking information you need by opening the app. Save your time and keep informed.

Awesome Features

Push Alerts


SMS can be costly and newsletters don’t get read. Send push alerts notifications through your app and communicate with those that want to hear from you!



See how your app is performing and monitor its usage from your own Dashboard. After all, the next best thing to having an app is watching it shine!

Direct Access


No more typing in URLs or being one of many pages in a web browser – allow users to reach you at the touch of a button, direct from their home screen.

Native Phone Capability


Your app integrates with your phone to take advantage of if its native features, allowing for a better call, email, and location capabilities for your app users.

Contact Info


Your contact info is found in the toolbar, and makes use of native phone capabilities, making it easier than ever to reach you. The only info you provide will be on display.

Toolbar & Menu


This is your app’s control panel. From the toolbar, users will be able to navigate your app via the menu, as well as access the native phone features and the push alert center.

How Does It Work?


Why Choose RubikApp

We take security seriously
Saving with us is free
Saving with us is free
We take security seriously

The security of your money and personal data is our utmost priority. We adhere closely to the latest standards in financial security, applying modern tools and techniques to protect our system 24/7.

Saving with us is free
Saving with us is free